Amazon Best Seller - The Overcomers by JL McKay
Amazon Best Seller – The Overcomers on Sale Now!

You Don’t want to miss this Amazon Best Seller!

Do you love a Good Story? JL McKay knows how to tell ‘em! In this Amazon Best Seller, she draws on her experiences as an FBI Spy-catcher and US Government Counterintelligence Senior Official. The Overcomers was written while she was working as a member of the Domestic Terrorism Squad at the FBI. The cases and people she worked with are the inspiration for this book.

Who are The Overcomers?…a highly trained anti-terrorism squad with a unique specialty. They hear from God in an official capacity and exercise their unique gifts as counterintelligence operatives. This novel is refreshing, riveting and a rewarding read! I challenge you to put this Amazon best seller down, once you open its pages and take in her words…you’ll find yourself devouring the story!

If you ask the author who they are, she’ll tell you, “They are ‘Children of Light’ called to be soldiers and warriors for a dynamic purpose.” They honor God and each other, while their devotion to their cause, leads the reader to understand the realities of a heaven to earth spiritual connection.

JL McKay intends to add to this Amazon best seller with a series of sequels. However, her next book, soon to be released, is written to entrance the young adult reader. Watch for: The Controllers – Beyond the Computer: Overcomers, The Next Generation.

Oh, by the way…when you purchase, you’ll find a link to The Overcomers: The Lost Chapter… a gift from the Author. It provides a bit of backstory and you’ll be glad you picked it up!

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