How to Become a Podcast Guest, Reach Your Perfect Audience and Deliver Your Message - The Right Way

How to Become a Podcast Guest and Deliver Your Perfect Message to Your Perfect Audience.

When You Learn How to Become a Podcast Guest – You’ll Find it Easy to Deliver Your Message

Learn How to Become a Podcast Guest Now…Get Ready ! Set ! Go!

You’ve decided you’re ready to start sharing your Christian-based business/ministry and your book. Here’s how to become a podcast guest to reach you ideal readers and clients…

Here’s how to be prepared…and easily share all you’re primed to bring to the world…

  • Identify Your Ideal Reader. Who are they? What is their age/gender/income level/primary business activity, etc?
  • Pinpoint Your Point of View. What sets you/your ministry or your business apart from all others? How does your background story affect your point of view?
  • Claim Your Credentials .Establish your Authority, Are you a #1 Best-Selling Author? What recognition, awards or honors have you been presented?
  • Pick Out One or Two Special Insights. What revelations, or special business insider’s information can you share with listeners/readers?

The One Thing You Must Never Do When Learning How to Become a Podcast Guest

NEVER, EVER go into the discussion with the idea in mind you’re going to “pitch” your book.

What? …. But isn’t that the whole purpose of setting up these sessions? …

NO! You’re goal is to share your transformational story, or if promoting your business, to share timely, interesting and relevant tidbits of interest for your host’s audience. Share your experiences, insights, expertise & knowledge about your chosen topic. Help their listeners. Give them useful insights. Share one little-known technique, tool, or lesson you know listeners will find valuable.

Become a Perfect Podcast Guest…Step up and take charge

…don’t wait for your host to start the conversation.

The 3 Most Important Characteristics You Must Display…

1. Enthusiasm:

Be enthusiastic about what your message, your story and what you’re about to share. Your enthusiasm will show in your body language, even your eyes. Your audience will detect it, whether they’re sitting in front of you in a live audience, at home watching you on TV, or on a video on their computer, . Your enthusiasm and self-confidence will help you along the way. Will it be scary? Sure. Exciting too! Give it your all.

2. Sincerity:

Your belief in your message shines through! Just like your enthusiasm, your genuineness and sincerity are transparent. When you share from your heart, your message is always received as intended…you message is certain to reach your audience, whether you’re focusing on a business lesson learned or an insight learned from working through an extreme personal hardship and the transformational growth you’ve experienced.

3. Perseverance:

Your message is important and relevant to your audience. Even so, it’s not unusual to be very uncomfortable when you first start out. Keep at it. You’ll learn… and as you go, you’ll get better and better. With time and practice, and tenacity – delivering your special message will become easier and easier.

Have Fun. . . Here’s a Variety of Ways to Keep Your Audience Engaged during Your Interview:

  • Prepare 30 -90 second sound bytes. Include short stories, little known facts, jokes, anecdotes, quips and quotes. You want to entertain while you enlighten.
  • Use lists, charts and diagrams, if appropriate. Prepare these using Keynote or PowerPoint, share using screenshare. There a a number of good conferencing programs that allow remote screen sharing. We use a program called We love it, because it automatically records video and will produce an audio file too.
  • Leave your listener’s with one piece of parting advice. What is will it be? Is it a special tool? …Or technique or lesson you’ve learned?
  • What is your call to action? What action do you want listeners to take? Do you want them to learn more from your book? Send them to your book-buying site. Do you want to give them a free resource? Give them the link, so they can find it easily.

Diane K. Bell
Diane K. Bell

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