Mary Rodman Christian Author Devotional Series Releases as a #1 Best Seller
Mary Rodman Christian Author
Mary Rodman Christian Author writes Christian Devotionals to help you draw closer to Christ

Mary Rodman Christian Author, Releases 2nd Edition “Bloom Where You’re Planted” …

Mary Rodman Christian Author has a way with stories. She weaves wonderful devotionals into some of the most unlikely of tales. Imagine for a moment, how you would you twist a story of “Bird Poop”, or a “Toilet” into a biblical lesson? I can tell you, Mary knows how…and with humor and imagination!

You can pick up her newest writing endeavor on Amazon here for a limited time at her introductory price of $.99. Her devotionals serve as daily inspirationals and reminders that every day brings about new opportunities to see how God works in our lives.

Mary loves to share her stories and speaks at local churches and to women’s groups across the region. Her passion has led to organizing workshops and weekend retreats. Go to her website to learn more about her programs at

She’s prepared some great thank you gifts, just for picking it up…you don’t want to miss out, so be sure to get your copy today.

We were honored to help her publish this edition.

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