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5 Tips for Successfully Requesting Book Endorsements

Book endorsements are an important part of book marketing.

An endorsement from a well-known author, expert, or another influential person can help increase the visibility and credibility of your book and attract more readers. Of course, when requesting book endorsements, you want to be friendly, professional, and courteous in your approach. (To make your request easier, use this free email template.)

Successfully requesting book endorsements:

  1. Research potential endorsers: Start by identifying authors, experts, and influencers you believe could be interested in endorsing your book. You want to approach those whose area of expertise aligns with the topic of your book. It’s a plus if their own audience would be interested in reading it.
  2. Personalize your request: Make sure that you personalize each request. Tailor your message to the individual you are reaching out to. Explain why you think they would be a great fit for endorsing your book. Be sure to explain why you believe their endorsement would benefit them as well as you.
  3. Offer an incentive: Whether or not you offer an incentive when requesting book endorsements, is going to depend on those you’re reaching out to. If appropriate, you might offer a free copy of your book or even payment in return for their endorsement. Doing so may increase the likelihood of receiving an endorsement from someone you’re reaching out to. You may find simply making the offer is enough to encourage their positive response.
  4. Follow up: You’ll want to follow up, so be sure to make a note of when you sent your request. If you haven’t received a response within two weeks, it’s a good idea to follow up. A polite reminder email or phone call can be all that’s needed to prompt a quick reply. You’ll simply need to remind them of your ask, requesting book endorsements and inquire if they’ve had a chance to review your request for a book endorsement
  5. Show appreciation: Once you receive your book endorsement, show your appreciation. Make sure to thank the endorser for their time and effort in providing their support for your book. Doing so helps foster good relationships. This is the time to send them a personal hand-written note. If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to send your incentive gift.

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Diane K. Bell

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