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Learn to share your God Inspired message.

I love it when upon meeting a new acquaintance, our conversation turns to their desires to write. If you've been God Inspired, like so many of my clients, you may also be wondering exactly how to get your stories published and out in the world to share. You may even find yourself, occasionally questioning your mission.

Here's my story…

I am God Inspired. . . even when I want to deny it.

I am constantly in battle with myself. How do I free what I know God is Inspiring me to share…all my life's experiences, my hurts and pains and trials and tribulations…many of which I've overcome and many of which I've driven down so deep into the depths of my being I am loathed to even attempt to allow a weensy minuscule bit of me loose in a vapor of a thought.

Yes, I am GOD Inspired to share… are YOU?

This post comes about because over the past several months my husband and I have been involved in an arduous move… I mean it when I say arduous. At 82 and 68, we just don't have the endurance we enjoyed even a few years ago. It takes longer to get going, we require more frequent rest breaks and we just don't have the stamina to keep at it 'til the wee hours of the morning.

That said, why is that important? Because no matter where you are in your life's journey, God remains active…even if you are dormant. (read that as a sleeping Christian…)

Yes, I am GOD Inspired! I know GOD. I love GOD and I am thankful for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me.

Why does this matter to you? Because…

If you have a calling in your heart, a recurring unfulfilled dream or desire, or a nagging, "I should be doing that"… then you MUST recognize your own GOD Inspired Gifts.

That said, once you've recognized your calling as "GOD Inspired", you can no longer ignore your responsibility to share the gifts he has so generously bestowed upon you.

Consider your life's experiences, as gifts of endurance and perseverance. Each is an episode designed to qualify you to help others. Others, just like you, seeking to move beyond their pain and rise above their trials. You are GOD Inspired to reach out and show them the way.

I am God Inspired! Yes, God Inspired to share you!

My mission is to help you finally tell your story…to help you finally share your story. To show you how you can easily compile everything you need to finally finish writing your journal, your life legacy, your personal or family memoirs… or your business-building book with ease.

I am GOD Inspired to Share YOU ! Let us showcase your excellence like no other!

Yes. I am God Inspired to share YOU!… Now you must reach out . I am here. Connect with me today.

Diane K. Bell
Diane K. Bell

Publisher-in-Chief/Legacy Lane Publishing Diane's God-driven passion is assisting aspiring authors and writers to finally get your books written & published. Your inspirational stories, life-lessons, and family histories must be published as your legacy for all future generations. "If it's in your heart, you are chosen...therefore you must answer your calling and leave your legacy"

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