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Christian author Donna E. Lane joins Diane K. Bell/ Publisher-in-Chief at Legacy Lane Publishing to visit about her new book, "The Interview".

Christian Author Donna E. Lane shares her newest book with Diane K Bell/Publisher-in-Chief at Legacy Lane Publishing

Our new author interviews begin with Christian counselor, Donna E. Lane. Donna has extensive experience helping her clients work through and heal from traumatic events in their lives.

Our conversation focuses on how her book impacts the lives of her readers. Readers of this engaging book may find a new pathway to healing, as they become engaged with the main character whose journey leads her to wrestle with her own past.

She encourages new writers to have confidence in writing the book you have in your heart, advising you to

"Write it as though you're writing to God." 

Donna can be reached on her website: Restored Christianity.com Her books are available on Amazon. You can find them by clicking this link to her Author page: https://amzn.to/2Qk7gtu

Diane K. Bell
Diane K. Bell

Publisher-in-Chief/Legacy Lane Publishing Diane's God-driven passion is assisting aspiring authors and writers to finally get your books written & published. Your inspirational stories, life-lessons, and family histories must be published as your legacy for all future generations. "If it's in your heart, you are chosen...therefore you must answer your calling and leave your legacy"

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