How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour or How to Promote Your Book for Free

How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour – How To Promote Your Book For Free (Article 1 of 3 Part Series)

Learning How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour is as easy as riding a bike
Learning How To Conduct A Virtual Book Tour is A Simple As Learning to Ride a Bike

I was recently asked, “ How to conduct a Virtual Book Tour ? “ Actually the question was, two-fold: Do you teach How to Promote Your Book for Free? and if so, What’s the best way to market a book today?

How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour - Checklist
Pick Up Your Free Checklist – How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour

I ‘m sitting in a local coffee shop, with one of my friends, another author…We’ve been discussing Book Signing Events and whether or not they’re still as effective as they once were in the world of authors. You see, as authors, we’re reminiscing about some of the challenges faced by new authors…in particular Christian authors . You see, book signing events can bring exposure and recognition, however, they must be well attended and that’s a challenge! Then there’s the cost of travel and advertising, finding the right venue, etc. They can be expensive and difficult to organize. Unless the Author has a strong following, the turn-out can be a huge disappointment.

A Horror Story No Author Wants to Experience

Over the years, I’ve heard a number of horror stories from my fellow authors devastated by poorly organized events set up on their behalf…but this beats all!

My friend tells me,

“I traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles at my own expense to attend 3 separate Book Signings, set up by my publisher.”

The first was set up in his hometown, the second in the town of his University Alma Mater and frankly, I forgot where the third was setup, I remember only that each was set up in different towns in different states…hundreds and hundreds of miles from each other.

“So you want to hear a real horror story?…I spent my own money, packed my car and drove the seven hundred miles from home to the first event. That one was in my hometown. I get there and my books aren’t there. We’d ordered plenty in advance and they told me they’d be there for this event. Well they weren’t.

I wasn’t too worried. I had a case of books in my trunk. So I go get ‘em and start to put ‘em on the table, and the manager comes over and makes me put them away.

‘You can’t sell those books here’…he says.

Can you believe it? I drove all that way, and I couldn’t even sell my own damn books… books I ‘d already paid for!

Well, it wasn’t much better at the other two events. I mean I drove hundreds of miles to get to them, paid for my hotel, meals, you know you gotta eat…so I’m paying out of pocket for gas, hotels and all … and all I sold was 5 books the whole time. 5 books!”

It ’s that story that led to his questions…and my answers.

How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour

I’m going to outline: How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour. You could subtitle it: How to Promote Your Book for Free. (Pick up your free checklist here.) Virtual Book Tours are an excellent way to share your message and present your book to your ideal audience… without all the expense and headaches of organizing a Book Signing Event.

When you know how to conduct a virtual book tour correctly, you’ll find you can easily share your message, build lasting relationships with key influencers in your niche, drive traffic to your website, and sell more of your books, all while enhancing your own reputation as an Author. Done right…you’ll gain maximum exposure for your book, your message and your business.

Your books are readily available world-wide, because of the internet. To make it even easier for you, Podcast hosts, radio talk show hosts, and bloggers are seeking published and soon-to-be-published authors to interview. Why? Because they’re looking for new and fresh content for their own readers. When they host you, as a new Author, they benefit from your interview as fresh content, and both of you will benefit from new readers.

When you, the Author, know how to conduct a virtual book tour the right way, you’re both going to promote the tour. Your host enjoys new listeners… you gain exposure and a new audience and both of you win! The wonderful part here is your readers and listeners come away with new information about your message, whether it’s your ministry, your Christian novel, or your heart-centered business.

What to Expect when You Learn How to Conduct a Virtual Book Tour

  • You’ll sell more books both before and after the tour.
  • Establish your expertise, reputation and platform
  • More traffic to your blog, website, and social media networks.
  • Build relationships with other Authors and Experts
  • Gain new readers and reach new audiences.
  • You open the door for speaking engagements, media opportunities, and more guest blogging occasions
  • You’ll attract more readers to your blog and your mailing list
  • You’ll enjoy the benefits of high quality links to your website…links that bring higher traffic counts to your sites and to your book-buying pages.

Pick up your Free Virtual Book Tour Checklist …now. and …

Watch for the 2nd Article in this 3 Part Series….Coming Soon

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