How to Write A Book and Promote Yourself in 3 Easy Steps

How to Write a Book? Why You’ll Want To!

If you haven’t yet discovered how to write a book and promote yourself and your business, it’s NOT too late.

Writing and publishing a book can help you:

  • Establish your business brand
  • Attract your ideal clients
  • Position you as “the Expert” in your field
  • Boost your credibility and authority
  • Provide more value to your audience Broaden your reach
How to Write a Book | helping you express your authority & showcase your excellence, like no other
Your Book is Waiting to Be Born! Here’s How to Write a Book in 3 Easy Steps

My publishing clients learn how to write a book in a variety of ways. Depending on the outcomes you want, we use a variety techniques to complete your book. This short guide will take you through the steps of structuring your business building book. (Discover more techniques at our Writer’s Circle Online)

You’ll want to use this book to position yourself as the thought-leader in your marketplace. So let’s get started, and I’ll walk you through how to write a book to position yourself AND your business, as the expert in your field…so your customers see you as the “Go-to-Expert”.

STEP 1: Choose Your Topic

Of course, when writing this book, you’ll want to focus on a topic specific to your expertise. For starters, consider whether you’ve developed a new method, created a better system or had specific success with a unique approach in your industry. Another approach you can use, is to write about a specific skill or information you possess that others want to learn. What specialized knowledge do you possess? Once you’ve chosen your topic, you’ll want o develop a “working title”. A great way to accomplish this quickly is to look at the best sellers list on Amazon, within your category. Don’t worry if you don’t come up with the exact title right now, this is a work in progress. You can always revise your title later.

STEP 2: Identify Your Ideal Client

This is the most important step in your entire book writing experience. You see, when you’ve taken the time to clearly describe and outline who you’re writing for, you’ll be able to write to them as if you’re sitting across from one another sharing a cup of coee. The magic is by doing so, you’ll then begin to attract others just like your “avatar” (as we call our “ideal reader”). A word of warning: Your ideal reader is not “everybody”. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this exercise is to describe your best existing client. Are they a woman? …or a man? What’s their name? Married? Children? What do they like to do for recreation?… you get the idea.

A Simple Approach to Writing Your Book

Once you’ve got a clear picture who it is you’re writing to, you can begin. For this example, I’m going to walk you through how to write one of the most effective business books you can write.

Here it is. Plain and simple.

How to Write a Book Outline

STEP 3: Answer Your FAQ’s and SAQ’s

Start by outlining the ten most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about your topic. These are the questions you find yourself fielding all the time; those you have to explain over and over again. Of course, you can use fewer or more than ten, however you should be able to come up with at least 5. Once you’ve written those questions down, you’ll want to answer each. For your first book, I suggest an answer no longer than 3 or 4 paragraphs. Of course, be sure answer the question completely.

Got that done? Good.

Now compile the ten questions you wish your clients would ask, (SAQ’s). These are the questions your clients may not even know to ask. You know, these are the sorts of questions that come up after you’ve had the conversation with your customer…when you find yourself saying, “I wished he’d asked me……”.  Once you’ve compiled these questions, you’ll want to answer them in the same manner as above.

Do you see why this method of how to write a book is so powerful?

“Become a bonafide author and you’ll create your own unique business card wrapped in a book cover!”

By answering your customers questions and then helping them identify what they need to know, you are building their trust, showing them the way, and establishing your expertise as well.

Of course, you’ll be well-served to use this same approach when writing your blog, in your business brochures and even during speaking engagements, however, I recommend putting it in a book format and publishing it on Amazon. You become a bonafide author and you’ll create your own unique business card wrapped in a book cover!

It’s written! Easy wasn’t it?

Now you’ll want to get it published so you can use it as your calling card. Imagine for a moment…how it feels when you place your book in the hands of that one potential client you’ve been dying to close. See how his complete expression changes when you pull out your book instead of a business card?

Do you think this approach will make a difference in your business? Let me tell you it certainly can!

One of my own colleagues, used this method to open the door to her most desired high-profile client. She actually sent the book as a gift directly from Amazon (using Prime, she even had it shipped free!)… Now, picture this…

The package arrives, the Office Assistant sees it’s addressed to the CEO. Do you suppose she sets it aside?…of course not!

She delivers it right to him. The note simply states: “I look forward to our upcoming visit.- D” The CEO, opens it immediately to nd a #1 Best Selling Book. He picks up the book, opens the front cover, and sees the message she wrote: “I’ll be in the area soon and would like to explore some of these ideas with you.” He then notices one of the pages is flagged, and when he opens the page, it outlines the program my friend developed to solve a complicated task she knew he was struggling with. Not only did she get that appointment, she closed a very lucrative deal!

So let’s make it happen for you. . .

Once you’ve completed the 3 steps above, give me a call, at 303-242-4461. I’ll show you how we can get your book published quickly and easily.

I’ll even go one step further…
Because you now have a “soon-to-be-published” book, we’ll schedule a promotional interview and I’ll promote you and your book, (it’s really your business we’re promoting, right? )… Your interview will be posted on our podcast, blog and showcased on our facebook page.

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